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IAGE (Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists) Accredited centre for 4 weeks Fellowship in Gynaecological Endoscopy.

Best Center  for providing Laparoscopic Training Programs to Practicing Gynaecologists, Consultants and Post Graduates.

” Listen to your teachers when they tell you what to do. But more importantly think about it later and ask yourself why they told you to do it.

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The Premier Center of Laparoscopic Training and Treatment

The Premier Center of Laparoscopic Training and Treatment


Alumin Welcome back to SHIMIST Center The entire institution is evolving as the single soul ...
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OutStation Workshops

We have conducted workshops in Endo Gynae at various places Sonipat, Lucknow, Ambala, Sharda Medical ...
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In-house Workshops

In-house Workshops Gynaecology & General Surgery Endoscopy Workshops Year 2019 Advanced Gynae Endoscopy (2nd t ...
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Gynaecological laparoscopy training, Endo-Gynae Training

State of the Art Equipments

Our people have a strong desire to do the "right thing" and to deliver the ...
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Best Laparoscopic training courses for Surgeons, Gynaecological laparoscopy training, Endo-Gynae Training MIPH, VAAFT, Fellowship Program in laparoscopic

News Update

Upcoming Training Programs: A Virtual Foundation course in ENDOUROGYNAECOLOGY- 6 Weeks course (Every Friday & ...
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SHIMIST Trainee Feedback
Dr.Shalini Dr.Shalini

A long awaited trip with wonderful experience from basics to high training of Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy gave me such confidence that a thing which was very much for off in my dream (doing hysteroscopy and laparoscopy my self) now seem to be very practical to me. Excellent team with affection, love, care by all doctors at same hospital and very good support from staff gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. This workshop filled me with confidence. Too much love and thanks to all the doctors and staff over here. Lots of thanks Dr. Anupama….. I love you and ...

Dr. Ritu SaxenaDr. Ritu Saxena

Thanks for Everything. Dr. Akhil Saxena, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Garima and the whole team all the Assistants and ward boys and all make me realize what I really miss at …… .The good team work and motivation and the inspiration extended to each other. I will come back every year to learn little at a time go back to practice and learn again. So Dr. Divya be prepared.!!

Dr. Neeta SagarDr. Neeta Sagar
It has been a wonderful exposure to Laparoscopy Surgery. I have learned a lot about these surgeries. There has been a warm welcome by Dr. Akhil and Dr. Anupama lot have efforts have been put by both of them to make us learn.Thanks
Dr. Niraj GargDr. Niraj Garg

Feedback: I am very thankful to Dr. Saxena for arranging such a nice training programme especially the hands on training which I think is the best in our country. Hopefully in the future such training programmes will come presently and help the budding surgeon.Thanks


Training Courses 

1 year Fellowship Program – 6 Months Fellowship Program –  Basic Endo-gynae Program –  Advanced Endo-gynae Program – Office and operative Hysteroscopy Program – Basic Urology Program – Basic Endo-Urology Program – Laparoscopic Hernia Program -MIPH/ VAAFT -MAS Programme for Paramedical Staff ( OT & nursing Staff)