To provide basic knowledge & skills required to perform all Endo Gyane surgeries.

Course Highlights :

  • To provide basic skills required for good progress in clinical laparoscopic practice.
  • To describe the technical steps, which are used for advanced laparoscopic procedures.
  • To describe results & potentials complications, and how to prevent them.
  • To practice on live tissue in order to give participants the technical capacity to improve their skills.
  • Principles of electro-surgery and other energy sources.
  • Anesthesia in laparoscopy, pre &post-operative care.
  • Medico legal aspects in minimal access surgeries.

Fee Structure

Sr. No. Course Date Course Day Course Fee
20th - 22nd January 2022
3 Day
INR 30000
9th - 11th June 2022
3 Day
INR 30000
9th - 11th September 2022
3 Day
INR 30000