Urogynaecology Course

The course promises extensive training at this aspect with dedicated hours in the simulation as well as animate laboratories to polish one’s skills of Urogynaecology Course

Course Highlights :

  • Basic Clinical Presentation on how to proceed with urogynaecological patients in OPD & IPD
  • Instrumentation in Urogynaecology
  • Specific surgical disposables required in Urogynaecology
  • Steps of common Urogynaecological procedure (Presentation & Live videos)
  • Practice on stimulators and Endo-trainers to learn various steps of urogynaecological procedures
  • To describe complicatons and management in Endo-Urology & Uro-Gynaecology.
  • To Practice on Live Tissues

Fee Structure

Sr. No. Course Date Course Day Course Fee
13th -14th May 2022
2 Day
INR 35000
23rd -24th September 2022
2 Day
INR 35000